Over Frequent Oil Changes

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The advice to change oil every 3000 to 5000 miles has been ingrained in most of us by oil companies and service stations since WWII. Over the past 50 years, automotive and oil technology has advanced significantly, making it possible to dramatically extend intervals between oil changes.

Automotive manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Toyota, General Motors, Mazda, Audi, and others are producing new vehicles with engine oil quality sensors, or other methods to estimate oil quality. The use of these systems have resulted in a dramatic reduction in the frequency of oil changes, while maintaining excellent engine health over the life of the vehicle.

Lubricheck's Automotive Solution

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Now, WaveOn Technologies has developed a scientifically proven, hand held technology that empowers you with the same technical results found in many new autos, and more.

Simply driving longer without an oil change is not the solution. Not knowing the quality of the oil in between changes can put the health of your engine at risk.

Lubricheck eliminates the risk of extending your oil changes by allowing you to scientifically analyze your oil quality at any time, providing you immediate results. It also tests for any sudden or unexplained drop in oil quality caused by impurities in the oil system, such as coolant leaks, water, and metal particulates. It's like a 'blood tester' for your vehicle.

3000 Mile Oil Changes Debunked

Although the automotive industry, state and federal governments, public interest groups and private research companies (like WaveOn Technologies) are attempting to debunk this 3000 mile oil change myth, big oil companies and oil lube services are slow to educate the public, for very obvious reasons.

Clearly, a reduction in oil consumption by the public is not in their financial interest!

The Challenge

We invite you to web search this question yourself! See if you can find information to support low mileage oil changes in modern vehicles.

We've also provided links by independent institutions here on this website supporting monitored oil changes.

The Myth Revealed